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The challenge

How do we connect traders with exchanges without being the man-in-the-middle?

It is not our business to know what users do with their exchange accounts. We merely provide tools - what they do with those tools is up to them.

Amar Gautam
CEO of HyperLinq Inc

HyperLinq doesn't store your exchange API keys on web servers. We do not route your messages to and from the exchanges via our servers. HyperLinq establishes a secure & private peer-to-peer connection with the exchanges you trade on.

HyperLinq aspires to be the most trusted app for all cryptocurrency and digital asset trading, analysis and monitoring.

Hyperlinq’s vision is to innovate complex problem solving customer-focused yet simple to use tools to improve speed & efficiency in digital assets markets.

Most trusted crypto trading app

Security & privacy is of utmost importance to us

Multiple exchanges

An aggregated view of best prices in the market. No more missed opportunities.

Aggregated books

Track all your market positions in one screen. No more switching between apps.

Relevant news

News matters. Relevant news matters more. Get contextual news right in your trade view.

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Interactive charts

Customizable annotations and drawing tools, with configurable indicators and studies.

Consolidated wallets

Securely manage all your wallets from multiple exchanges on one screen.

Arbitrage & Algorithmic trading

Design your own back-tested algorithms with auto-signals to make arbitrage a breeze.

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