A secure realtime trading efficiency tool for digital assets.

HyperLinq is your essential tool for cryptocurrency and digital asset trading. Powerful, fast and innovative, HyperLinq enables you to start making better trading decisions today.

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HyperLinq connects to major digital asset exchanges through a single app.

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Multiple exchanges, aggregated views

Digital Asset traders know that cryptocurrency and digital asset price information vary from one exchange to another. HyperLinq integrates multiple exchanges into a single user-friendly interface allowing you to quickly view prices from one exchange to another. HyperLinq aggregates the most current price, volume, market depth and 24 hour price changes from all the major exchanges in a single app allowing you to seize market opportunities and manage your portfolio more efficiently.

Aggregated order and trade book

No more constantly switching between various exchange apps to check on the status of your orders. HyperLinq combines and consolidates all your exchange order book and trade book information into a single panel. You can now easily review all your outstanding orders and maintain an up-to-date view of all your positions from every exchange in one interface. Spend more time analyzing the markets and less time checking.

Relevant news service

The most important information and news are the those that assist you in your trading decisions. HyperLinq's allows you to customize our news feed by keeping you informed of the cryptocurrencies and digital assets that matter to you most. HyperLinq aggregates and consolidates the latest trends, news, and viral social media posts in the digital asset and crypto world that is most important to you and your positions.

Interactive trade charting tools

Charts give traders and investors an opportunity to analyze and understand price movement. HyperLinq's interactive chart trading tool allows you to both analyze and visualize pricing trends AND quickly capture market opportunities by entering trades directly on your charts! Apply technical indicators, draw trend lines and become a more efficient trader by quickly monitor pending orders and manage stop and limit orders directly on your charts.

Consolidated wallet management

Managing multiple wallets is a must for trading cryptocurrencies and it gets more cumbersome as you trade on more than one exchange. HyperLinq lets you view your cryptocurrency wallets and your available funds across all exchanges and wallets in one simple app. Our app will allow you to manage your funds across all digital assets without HyperLinq touching anything or recording any transactions.

Algorithmic trading studio

Leverage intelligent trading by creating your own trading algorithm without any coding. Our simple drag & drop trading algorithm builder lets you set parameters and associate conditions for your trades. You can test your algorithm against historical data and then execute on multiple exchanges simultaneously once you are confident with your creation.

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A secure realtime trading efficiency tool for digital assets.