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Our journey

  • May 2018Prototype

    Early in 2018, some of us started building a prototype of a tool that would connect to multiple exchanges to pull prices. That was the start of the whole story.

  • July 2018Private Alpha

    Fed up with no proper solution in the market to trade on multiple exchanges and do arbitrage, we launched our own trading application to use in a private setting shared with a limited number of friends.

  • September 2018Incorporated

    Soon we realized that their was a demand for the application as our friends were keen on using it. Word spread organically and friends of friends wanted to use the app. This was the time we decided to incorporate and turn it into a proper business. HyperLinq Inc. was incorporated as a Delaware C-Corporation in the United States.

  • December 20181.0 Private Beta

    After putting all the feedback into the prototype, we released our first private beta for HyperTrader 1.0. By now we had 69 professional traders that were actively using the app to trade.

  • Feb 20191.0 Public Beta

    With all the feedback from our private beta users, we decided to go public and let anyone use the app. We needed more and more traders to use the app and send us feedback so we know what was needed to be built. Once this demand increased, HyperTrader was not just an app for us anymore.

  • September 20191.0 Launched

    By now we had over 1K users. With tons of feedback flowing in and being used to develop the application, we decided it was time to make a general release of HyperTrader 1.0

    Like every other business, we needed to respond to evolving markets. With lots of consolidation and lack of price disparity, arbitrage options were quickly shrinking. It was time to rethink. And we did. It was time to start working on 2.0

  • February 20202.0 Public Beta

    And the cycle has to repeat. Now our focus was user experience and efficiency improvements. We narrowed down our efforts to just one exchange while continuously seeking feedback from our user base.


  • August 20202.0 Launched

    Achieving product-market fit is not as easy but we were very lucky to have users who helped us by giving us valuable feedback. We finally launched HyperTrader 2.0 and this time with subscription. On day one of our launch, we got hundreds of paying users and we have not looked back since then.

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