Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Why HyperLinq?

HyperLinq is the one-stop shop connecting you to all the major global cryptocurrency and digital asset exchanges in a single application. We aggregate all exchange market data to a single app and provide low latency order routing for trade executions to the exchanges of your choice, all in a single app.

Q: Is HyperLinq an exchange?

HyperLinq is not an exchange. HyperLinq is an app to access multiple exchange and trade from a single platform.

Q: Is HyperLinq a cryptocurrency broker?

HyperLinq is a FinTech company. We do not provide brokerage services of any kind.

Q: Which exchange do you recommend?

HyperLinq neither recommends nor discourages signing up for any particular exchange. HyperLinq has no partnership with any exchanges or any other exchange affiliates.

Q: What exchanges are available on HyperLinq?

We are continuously working to integrate most popular exchanges. Since this is just a start, we have limited number of exchanges integrated. For details of exchanges integrated and functionalities available, see our Exchanges page. We will update this page on a regular basis and will post updates on our Blog, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Telegram Channel.

Q: Can I request new exchanges?

You can request new exchanges by creating a support request. We are always integrating new exchanges but it depends on the demand. So your new exchange request may be held up in our queue for longer than you may expect. Rest assured, we will keep you posted.

Q: Does HyperLinq takes commission on trades?

Your business with exchanges is your business. We do not take any commission on your trades. We offer you you an app to access and direct your orders to all the major cryptocurrency exchanges through a monthly or yearly subscription.


Q: How do I get charged?

We offer monthly and yearly subscriptions. If you signup for yearly subscription, we offer 2 months free which means you pay for 10 months but use for 12 months. For pricing details, click here.

Q: What are the available payment methods?

We accept all major credit cards including VISA, MasterCard and American Express. At this time, we do not accept payments in cryptocurrencies. In future as the market develops, we may start acceping digital currency payments.

Q: Can I pay the subscription using cryptocurrency?

At this moment, we do not accept payments in cryptocurrencies. We may consider certain cryptocurrencies in the future.

Q: What is the cancellation policy?

You can cancel anytime before your subscription renews. If you cancel before your subscription end date, your subscription will be active until the end date.

About the app

Q: How to get started with HyperLinq?

Download the app from the home page and install it on your desktop. Once installed, when you run the app, you will get an option to signup.

Q: How do I contact customer support?

Customer support is built inside our app. You can request support or send feeback and ask for feature request from the app. Additionally, you can use our support page.

Q: How do I get the latest app updates?

We have developed an auto update feature in the app. You do not have to worry about new updates as these updates are automatically downloaded in the background without disrupting your work. When you quit the app and restart the next time, you will have the latest version of HyperLinq.

Q: How do I what changed in the latest app update?

You will see a What's New? button on the footer of our desktop app. When you click that button you will see a new window with the changelog.

You can also visit our changelog page.

Q: Do you store exchange API keys?

We do not store your API keys on our servers. If you are using the HyperLinq app to trade in any particular exchange, you need to add API keys for that exchange. You have a choice to save your keys locally on your desktop or to enter it every time you launch the app. If you do choose to store it on your desktop, we encrypt and store your keys securely for you.

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