Real-time data.
One endpoint.
Many exchanges.

When we say realtime, we mean business. We also provide historical data API. Build your own trading systems or bots with confidence. So what would you build next?

API endpoint


Crypto Exchanges


Digital assets


Trading pairs

Available exchanges

We are adding more exchanges in coming weeks.

All in one solution

One API to rule them all.

Forget complex varying API specifications and data structures.

User data

Account balances

Open orders

Order history

Trade History

Static data

Instrument data


Public order book

Time and sales

Streaming data

OHLCV streaming

Public order book

Time and sales

User trades & balances

Historical data


User orders

User trades

What would you build next?

We build our apps with HyperData™.

A complex trading system like HyperTrader or a mobile app for portfolio management, HyperFolio, everything at HyperLinq is powered by HyperData™.

... ...

Free forever, not just 30-days.

HyperTrader 2.0 is coming soon with even more advanced features.

HyperTrader 1.0 will be free forever. HyperTrader 2.0 will come with basic features free but will have advanced feature for a very low monthly fee. Pricing for HyperTrader 2.0 to be announced.

Available on macOS, Windows or Linux.

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