Never compromise on Security & Privacy.

A seamless and secure authentication & authorization implementation that adapts to changing cyber threat landscape.

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Built for secure & private trading environment

HyperLinq doesn't want to know what you do with your exchange accounts. That is why we don't store your API keys on our servers. We also get you connected privately & securely to exchanges directly. We do not route your orders through our servers.

Encrypted local storage of API keys

For you to be able to trade on different exchanges, you need to use API keys. We don't ask you to submit your API keys to our servers. If you choose so, we store your API keys encrypted safely at OS level on your machine. If not so, you can also want to enter them on each session.

Passwordless login

We have designed a passwordless login for you where you authorize your login attempt using your registered secondary device. No more forgotten or duplicate passwords.

Multifactor authentication

In addition to authorization via your registered secondary device, you also get to choose more factors of authentication like emails, text messages & authenticators like Authy.

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