HyperLinq is a FinTech Company

With 20 years of combined founder FinTech experience, HyperLinq brings institutional grade trading software to the masses.


Amar Gautam

Founder & CEO

Karamvir Singh

Co-founder & CPO

Kunal Kumar

Lead Engineer

Jack Zhuang

Growth Hacker

Rohan Raman

Community Manager

Nanni Narayanan

Content Marketing


Narayanan Pillai

Software Architect

Mike Diedrichs

COO @ GetLoci

Elmer Resoso

SME - Forex & Equities

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Get more efficient, protect your API keys, and get real-time market data. Start making better trading decisions today.

HyperTrader™ is only available for desktop computers. To download, open this website on a computer running macOS, Windows or Linux.

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